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YuniquePLM FS

A quick implementation version of the leading YuniquePLM™ solution

YuniquePLM FS edition is an out-of-the-box, rapid implementation configuration of Gerber’s industry-leading YuniquePLM product lifecycle management solution.

It is ideal for companies that want to get up and running quickly with an affordable yet scalable PLM solution.

Get up and running quickly.
YuniquePLM FS edition is suitable for businesses of any size seeking to more effectively manage their product lifecycles. In most cases, companies can be operational with it in as little as three weeks.

Pre-populated with critical templates.
This system is pre-populated with critical templates and industry standard data including PANTONE® TPX and TCX color palettes, measurement tables, care symbols and instructions.

Realize a rapid return on investment.
undefinedYuniquePLM FS edition helps accelerate time to market, reduce development costs, ensure quality and respond to demands for more seasons and styles enabling companies to quickly realize a return on their investment.

PANTONE® is registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.