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Product lifecycle management software for the fashion and apparel industry


Manage key milestones for real-time status of critical path activities. Actively monitor regulatory compliance and vendor performance, as well as costing and samples. Have access, internally and externally, to a full tracking calendar of colors, artworks, fabrics, trims, and samples.

YuniquePLM™ supports all sampling phases during the product development process. Users are able to track the status from the initial lab dip color matching request through production sample approval. YuniquePLM increases the efficiency and transparency of communication between everyone in the supply chain.

All requests and results are monitored directly in YuniquePLM eliminating the need to search through email. By working from the same library of information and referring to the same specifications within the PLM system, designers, the sourcing team, and international vendors are able to speak a more consistent language. YuniquePLM tracks and automatically updates changes made to an item in real-time, providing teams across the globe the ability to:undefinedundefined

  • Effectively manage sample requests and track any changes made to material, colors, styles, costing, and quantity.
  • Costing and sample request workflows can be executed and tracked against schedules.
  • YuniquePLM integrates seamlessly with AccuMark® pattern design software; users are able to import data on material yields and points of measure from within AccuMark and use this information to generate costing and product tech packs.

YuniquePLM’s PowerGrid extension enables users to enter, edit, and copy data en masse, and perform real-time data analysis. It expedites the editing process and simplifies historical comparisons, facilitating analysis of multiple scenarios. In addition, the ability to grant role-based permissions at the field level enables organizations to better manage data integrity and process workflow. PowerGrid’s PO & WIP tracking capability provides businesses with the means to track vital manufacturing data in real-time.