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AccuMark 10.0

Next-generation pattern design software for the furniture industry

AccuMark 10.0 gives you the ultimate competitive advantage.

AccuMark® 10.0 takes intelligent pattern design to the tenth power, raising the bar for design, grading, marker making and production planning. This groundbreaking software solution helps you unleash your creative vision, streamline your production process and improve your competitive position.

Save time. 
With AccuMark 10.0 you can automatically process orders from start to finish, meet even the highest production volume requirements, and import CSV or XML cut files from the database of your choice.

Save money.
AccuMark 10.0 lets you accurately estimate fabric costs with flexible costing functionality and integrate with spreading and cutting systems to ensure accurate work order processing.

Reduce errors. 
With AccuMark 10.0 you can use pattern-making tools to validate patterns prior to production, easily define and add points of measurement, and manipulate the fabric image for matching purposes.undefined

Improve collaboration. 
AccuMark 10.0 lets you share patterns, specifications and instructions with colleagues and partners in any language. Measurement charts can be exported to non-AccuMark users as TXT, CSV, or XLS files.



  • Automate unique and highly-skilled tasks required for cut planning
  • Manipulate grade values quickly with built-in calculation tools
  • Directly control grading of line lengths for a single edge or seam
  • Track original pattern and compare revisions with new bookmarking feature
  • Harness greater flexibility to import non-AccuMark file formats
  • Easily convert all file types
  • Use existing pattern blocks to create new styles of garments
  • Walk pattern pieces together on screen to ensure notches are positioned accurately and pieces will sew together properly
  • Prepare production patterns with easy-to-apply seam finishes
  • Quickly add annotation and images to pattern pieces to facilitate communication with colleagues and suppliers
  • Use Pattern Wizard to automatically generate graded pattern blocks from a measurement chart. Place pattern pieces in a marker to quickly calculate material usage and costs
  • Reference existing grade rule libraries to quickly grade patterns
  • Grade multiple pattern pieces simultaneously
  • Instantly create a sample marker containing valuable information for costing
  • Ensure pattern accuracy across the graded marker
  • Easily generate markers with required production quantities, material widths, fabrics, colors and sizes
  • Enter fabric weight to calculate material costs more accurately, particularly with knit fabrics
  • Compact existing markers to improve material utilization and fabric savings
  • Automatically add splice marks to markers to assist during the spreading process
  • Import fabric prints at actual scale, define repeats and use this information to match pattern pieces visually
  • Eliminate double entry by generating marker and piece reports directly from AccuMark
  • Transfer pattern and marker data to YuniquePLM or your ERP system