Ensuring measurement is precise

Virtek's laser projection systems make mechanical templates or time-consuming measurement procedures obsolete. The projected image is always precise because it is generated from the product’s CAD data.

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Easy to use – so intuitive that our user interface actually guides first time users through the process

The Virtek® Iris™ Spatial Positioning System

Learn how a combination of laser projection technology with 3D vision technology can locate a part in 3D space. Iris quickly locks onto the part’s CAD-specified assembly positions and guides the user through the welded assembly process by projecting a laser outline of each component part.

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Service & Support

Our support agreements for Virtek® laser systems are designed to ensure that you always have the most current software release, that your hardware is maintained to factory specifications and that you receive the support you need when you need it.

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Contact Virtek Vision for all your laser templating, quality inspection and 3D spatial positioning needs. 

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Replacement Parts

Ensure maximum productivity with our replacement/spare parts program. Depending on the plan coverage, discounted pricing may apply. Speak to a service representative today!

Contact: service@virtek.ca or call 1.800.684.7835.