With Gerber Technology’s Virtek® line of laser templating solutions for the construction industry, there’s no longer a need to refer to blueprints or use a measuring tape, so even the most complicated wall or floor panel can be built quickly and accurately. These systems are so easy to use, even new employees can immediately contribute to your bottom line.

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Laser templating system facilitates assembly of wall and floor panels

Pre-Cast Concrete

Data Projection System Facilitates Truss Assembly

The Virtek® TrussView® system projects data associated with a truss in production so everyone involved can visualize it and has the necessary information, including work order, truss name, quantity and key dimensions, to construct it correctly.

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Service & Support

Our support agreements for Virtek® laser systems are designed to ensure that you always have the most current software release, that your hardware is maintained to factory specifications and that you receive the support you need when you need it.

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Contact Virtek Vision for all your laser templating, quality inspection and 3D spatial positioning needs. 

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Replacement Parts

Ensure maximum productivity with our replacement/spare parts program. Depending on the plan coverage, discounted pricing may apply. Speak to a service representative today!

Contact: or call 1.800.684.7835

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