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Virtek LaserCNC

CNC Woodworking

The next generation of laser templating for set up of CNC routers.

Project a laser template of the finished part onto the CNC table to enable accurate, fast positioning of the fixing components. Workers can see the outline of the finished component before actual production begins, including how fixtures (jigs, vacuum pods, etc.) fit.

Dramatically reduce set up time. 
Reduce set up and changeover time by up to 70 percent and increase productivity by up to 25 percent. It can also eliminate non-productive operation of CNC equipment.

Ensure quality and save money. 
Accurate to within 1/16 inch over a 20x20 foot area, it errors and rework. Jigging with the lasers prevents damage to vacuum pods and other clamping devices as well as router tools.

Easy to use. 
The system is so easy to learn and use that anyone can become proficient in only a few hours enabling even inexperienced workers to become immediately productive.