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Virtek TrussView


Facilitate truss assembly with the best data projection system available.

The Virtek® TrussView® system projects data associated with a truss in production so everyone involved can visualize it and has the necessary information, including work order, truss name, quantity and key dimensions, to construct it correctly. It also provides real-time production information. You can even view multiple trusses if there is more than one in the jig.

Improve throughput and reduce errors. 
The Virtek TrussView data projection system improves material handling by showing workers where to place lumber and connector plates. Because the system displays the truss on screen in real time, workers can refer to paperwork less frequently.

Track production data. 
The Virtek TrussView system provides a real-time display of production rates to enable managers to compare actual production with production targets by jig station for each shift.

Easy to install and use. 
Install over a weekend. Become proficient in less than an hour. The Virtek TrussView system is easy to learn and use