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Keehwa Laser Cutting Systems for Airbag Materials

Laser cutting for one-piece woven and open-weave airbag materials

Cut automotive airbag materials quickly and accurately.

Powered by Gerber’s CutWorks® software, the Keehwa Laser Cutting Systems are designed to cut airbag fabrics for one-piece woven and open-weave material. Cutting is optimized to meet industry standards.

Cut and seal with one system.
Keehwa laser systems use a diffusion-cooled CO2 slab laser manufactured by Rofin-Sinar to cut airbag material extremely accurately. The laser also seals the material at the cut edges, preventing fraying and deformation.

Maximize quality and productivity.
Automated laser cutting maximizes cutting quality with minimum labor cost and achieves the highest productivity.

Make adjustments on the fly.
A powerful vacuum system holds material firmly in place during laser cutting to ensure parts are cut precisely. Intelligent speed control system monitors productivity and adjusts as necessary.

Increase accuracy and safety.
The Keehwa laser cutting surface is engineered using specially designed brass rib slats which eliminate laser deflection and prevent burning of the airbag material.