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Keehwa Laser Cutting Systems

Conveyorized laser system to cut automotive and aircraft interiors that require a sealed edge.

With our static and conveyorized laser sysems.

The Keehwa HiCUT C200 laser cutter is a conveyor system that continuously cuts all types of automotive and aircraft interiors for which a sealed edge after cutting is required.

Keehwa Hitech, Inc. has been Gerber Technology's distributor in South Korea for more than three decades. Keehwa laser cutting systems are CE certified. Keehwa has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for the development, manufacture and after-sales service of its laser cutters. 

Keehwa's laser cutting systems are powered by Gerber Technology's CutWorks® software.

Maximum flexibility.
Keehwa laser cutting systems are powered using a sealed CO2 laser and integrate with most industry CAD packages.

The complete solution.
The Keehwa HiCUT C200 laser cutter, designed with an integral conveyor cutting table, automatic fabric feeder, and material off-load device, enables cutting and sealing of automotive and aircraft interior materials in one continuous process.

Accurate and cost effective.
A powerful vacuum system holds material firmly in place during laser cutting to ensure parts are cut precisely. Intelligent speed control system monitors productivity and adjusts as necessary. Automated laser cutting maximizes cutting quality with minimum labor cost and achieves the highest productivity.